Iron Giant (2x LP) - LP


2x LP - Vinyl

Iron Giant (2x LP) - LP
Žánr:Filmová / Soundtrack
Datum vydání:30.9.2022
Dostupnost:předobjednávka, můžete mít již 3.10.

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Originální soundtrack k filmu The Iron Giant na dvou deskách v deluxe edici včetně dosud nevydané písně Souls Don't Die v podání Erica Claptona.

Rok reedice : 2022

Seznam skladeb / tracklist

LP 1,2
1.The Eye OF The Storm
2.Hogarth Hughes
3.Creepy Music/Hogarth Investigates
4.Into The Forest
5.The Giant Wakes
6.Hogarth In Car/Sting For FBI Man: Suite
7.Come And Get It
8.Shut Off Switch/Rock Tree: Suite
9.Cat And Mouse
10.Train Wreck
11.Magic Rebuild/Hand Underfoot: Suite
12.Chew Your Food
14.Great Ride
15.We Gotta Hide
16.His Name Is Dean
17.He Can Stay
18.Eating Art
19.Space Car
20.Souls Don't Die
21.Contest Of Wills
22.The Army Arrives
23.Annie And Dean
24.I'm Superman
25.He's A Weapon
26.Giant Discovered
27.Trance Former
28.No Following
29.The Last Giant Piece
30.Bedtime Stories
31.End Credits: Suite
32.Wild Tam-Tam
33.Chew Your Food Pickup
34.Duck And Cover
35.Early Demo
36.Early Demo °#2
37.Souls Don't Die