The Miracle (5x CD + DVD + LP) - LP


5x CD + DVD + LP

The Miracle (5x CD + DVD + LP) - LP
Datum vydání:18.11.2022
Dostupnost:skladem, můžete mít již 12.12.

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Jeden vinyl, pětkrát CD, jeden Blu ray/ DVD disk v jedinečném sběratelském boxu. Obsahuje i „ztracený” track Face It Alone

Seznam skladeb / tracklist

CD1 - 2011 Bob Ludwig Master
Khashoggi's Ship
The Miracle
I Want It All
The Invisible Man
Rain Must Fall
My Baby Does Me
Was It All Worth It
CD2 - The Miracle Sessions
Party (Original Take)
Khashoggi's Ship (Original Take)
The Miracle (Original Take With John's Ending)
I Want It All (Original Take)
The Invisible Man (Early Version With Guide Vocal)
When Love Breaks Up (Demo)
Breakthru (Real Drums And Bass)
Rain Must Fall (Demo)
Scandal (Original Rough Mix)
My Baby Loves Me
Was It All Worth It (Original Take)
You Know You Belong To Me
I Guess We're Falling Out (Demo)
Dog With A Bone
Water (Demo)
Face It Alone
CD3 - Alternative Miracle
I Want It All (Single Version)
Hang On In There [B-Side]
Breakthru (12" Version)
Stealin' [B-Side]
The Invisible Man (12" Version)
Hijack My Heart [B-Side]
Scandal (12" Version)
My Life Has Been Saved [B-Side]
Stone Cold Crazy (Live At The Rainbow, London '74) [B-Side]
My Melancholy Blues (Live At Houston, Texas '77) [B-Side]
Chinese Torture [Instrumental]
CD4 - Miracu-mentals
Party (Instrumental)
Khashoggi's Ship (Backing Track)
The Miracle (Backing Track)
I Want It All (Backing Track)
The Invisible Man (Backing Track)
Breakthru (Backing Track)
Rain Must Fall (Backing Track)
Scandal (Backing Track)
My Baby Does Me (Backing Track)
Was It All Worth It (Backing Track)
CD5 - The Miracle Interviews
Queen For An Hour (Trailer)
Queen For An Hour (Roger, John, Freddie & Brian with Mike Read)
Queen For An Hour (Out-takes)
Rockline (Brian & Roger with Bob Coburn)
BLU-RAY / DVD - The Miracle Promo Videos
I Want It All (Promo Video)
Breakthru (Promo Video)
The Invisible Man (Promo Video)
Scandal (Promo Video)
The Miracle (Promo Video)
The Miracle Interviews (Interviews with Roger, Brian and John on the set of the Breakthru film shoot in June 1989, by Gavin Taylor. John has given no further interviews since that day)
The Making Of The Miracle Videos
The Making Of The Miracle Album Cover
LP - The Long Lost Original LP Cut
Party [Side A]
Khashoggi's Ship [Side A]
The Miracle [Side A]
I Want It All [Side A]
Too Much Love Will Kill You [Side A]
The Invisible Man [Side A]
Breakthru [Side B]
Rain Must Fall [Side B]
Scandal [Side B]
My Baby Does Me [Side B]
Was It All Worth It [Side B]