Platinum Collection (6x LP) - LP


6x LP - Vinyl

Platinum Collection (6x LP) - LP
Datum vydání:17.6.2022
Dostupnost:skladem, můžete mít již 7.7.

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Kolekce největších hitů a nezapomenutelných pecek od legendární anglické skupiny Queen.

Kolekce slučuje samostatná alba:
• Greatest Hits I
• Greatest Hits II
• Greatest Hits III

Seznam skladeb / tracklist

LP 1 Side A
1.Bohemian Rhapsody
2.Another One Bites The Dust
3.Killer Queen
4.Fat Bottomed Girls
LP 1 Side B
1.Bicycle Race
2.You're My Best Friend
3.Don't Stop Me Now
4.Save Me
LP2 Side A
1.Crazy Little Thing Called Love
2.Somebody To Love
3.Now I'm Here
4.Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
LP 2 Side B
1.Play The Game
3.Seven Seas Of Rhye
4.We Will Rock You
5.We Are The Champions
LP 3 Side A
1.A Kind Of Magic
2.Under Pressure (Queen + David Bowie)
3.Radio Ga Ga
4.I Want It All
5.I Want To Break Free
LP 3 Side B
2.It's A Hard Life
4.Who Wants To Live Forever
LP 4 Side A
2.The Miracle
3.I'm Going Slightly Mad
4.The Invisible Man
LP 4 Side B
1.Hammer To Fall
2.Friends Will Be Friends
3.The Show Must Go On
4.One Vision
LP 5 Side A
1.Queen + Elton John - The Show Must Go On (Live, Theatre National de Chaillot, Paris, 1997)
2.Queen + David Bowie - Under Pressure (Rah Mix)
3.Freddie Mercury - Barcelona (Single Version)
4.Queen - Too Much Love Will Kill You
LP 5 Side B
1.George Michael + Queen - Somebody To Love (Live, The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert For AIDS Awareness, Wembley, April 1992)
2.Queen - You Don't Fool Me
3.Queen - Heaven For Everyone
4.Queen - Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love)
LP 6 Side A
1.Brian May - Driven By You
2.Freddie Mercury - Living On My Own
3.Queen - Let Me Live
4.Freddie Mercury - The Great Pretender
5.Queen - Princes Of The Universe
LP 6 Side B
1.Queen + Wyclef Jean - Another One Bites The Dust (Remix)
2.Queen - No One But You (Only The Good Die Young)
3.Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives
4.Queen - Thank God It's Christmas