Best Of (3x CD) - CD

O'Sullivan Gilbert

3x CD

Best Of (3x CD) - CD Best Of (3x CD) - CD Best Of (3x CD) - CD
Datum vydání:18.11.2022
Dostupnost:poslední kusy skladem, můžete mít již 12.12.

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Best Of (3x CD) - CD Best Of (3x CD) - CD Best Of (3x CD) - CD


Kompilace toho nejlepšího z repertoáru Gilberta O'Sullivana vychází rovnou na 3CD.

Gilbert O'Sullivan je jedním z nejúspěšnějších britských zpěváků, hudebníků a skladatelů. Za svou kariéru prodal více jak 15 miliónů desek a je držitelem řady ocenění včetně ceny za nejhranější skladbu roku 1973.

Rok vydání : 2022 (kompilace)

Seznam skladeb / tracklist

1.Get Down
2.Matrimony (2017 - Remaster)
3.No Way
5.Too Much Attention (2017 - Remaster)
6.Ooh Baby
7.You Got Me Going
8.I Don't Love You, But I Think I Like You
9.Stick in the Mud
10.Thunder and Lightning (2017 - Remaster)
11.Call On Me
12.Where Did You Go To?
13.A Friend of Mine
14.Doing What I Know
15.Victor E
16.Let Me Know
17.Take Love (feat. KT Tunstall)
18.Never Say Di
19.So What
20.Doesn't It Make You Sick (Mortar and Brick)
21.Hablando del Rey de Roma
22.Say Goodbye
23.Get Down
1.Alone Again (Naturally)
2.Nothing Rhymed (2017 - Remaster)
3.Out of the Question
4.Why Oh Why Oh Why
5.Miss My Love Today
6.Lost a Friend
7.Dear Dream
8.I Wish I Could Cry
9.A Minute of Your Time
10.I'll Never Love Again
11.Houdini Said (2017 - Remaster)
12.Answers On a Postcard (Please)
13.Break It to Me Gently
14.What's It All Supposed to Mean?
15.All They Wanted to Say
16.Let Bygones Be Bygones (feat. Mick Hucknall)
17.Tomorrow Today
18.Because of You
19.You Don't Have to Tell Me
21.Where Would We Be (Without Tea)
22.One Door Closes
1.What's In a Kiss?
3.No Matter How I Try
4.Who Was It?
5.We Will
6.That's Love
7.Can I Go With You
8.I Hope You'll Stay
9.You Are You
10.Can't Think Straight
11.Taking a Chance On Love
12.Can't Get Enough of You
13.Missing You Already
14.Happiness Is Me and You
15.The Niceness of It All
16.I Guess I'll Always Love You
17.That's the Kind of Love I Need
18.At the Very Mention of Your Name (Single Version)
19.Young at Heart (We'll Always Remain)
20.The Marriage Machine
21.That's Why I Love You
22.Christmas Song