An Hour Before It's Dark (Lim) - CD



An Hour Before It's Dark (Lim) - CD An Hour Before It's Dark (Lim) - CD
Datum vydání:4.3.2022
Dostupnost:poslední kusy skladem, můžete mít již 16.8.

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An Hour Before It's Dark (Lim) - CD An Hour Before It's Dark (Lim) - CD


An Hour Before It's Dark je devatenácté studiové album britské neoprogresivní rockové kapely Marillion z roku 2022.

Rok vydání : 2022 (19.album)

Seznam skladeb / tracklist

1.Be Hard On Yourself
I. The Tear In The Big Picture
II. Lust For Luxury
III. You Can Learn
2.Reprogram The Gene
I. Invincible
II. Trouble-Free Life
III. A Cure For Us?
3.Only A Kiss (Instrumental)
4.Murder Machines
5.The Crow And The Nightingale
6.Sierra Leone
I. Chance In A Million
II. The White Sand
III. The Diamond
IV. The Blue Warm Air
V. More Than A Treasure
I. Maintenance Drugs
II. An Houre Before It's Dark
III. Every Call
IV. Angels Of Earth