Deceivers (2x LP + CD) - CD-LP

Arch Enemy

2x LP + CD

Deceivers (2x LP + CD) - CD-LP Deceivers (2x LP + CD) - CD-LP
Žánr:Hard'n'Heavy / Metal / Punk
Datum vydání:12.8.2022
Dostupnost:na objednání, obvykle do 30 dní

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Deceivers (2x LP + CD) - CD-LP Deceivers (2x LP + CD) - CD-LP


Deceivers je jedenácté studiové album švédské melodic death metalové skupiny Arch Enemy z roku 2022.

Set obsahuje:
• LP 1 multi-coloured vinyl - each design is unique
• LP 2 picture vinyl with two bonus tracks & Zoetrope effect
• CD album + two bonus tracks, 12" artbook with 36-page booklet incl. liner notes, art print)

Rok vydání : 2022

Seznam skladeb / tracklist

LP 1
1.Handshake With Hell 05:38
2.Deceiver, Deceiver 03:51
3.In The Eye Of The Storm 04:09
4.The Watcher 04:58
5.Poisoned Arrow 03:51
6.Sunset Over The Empire 04:03
7.House Of Mirrors 03:40
8.Spreading Black Wings 04:46
9.Mourning Star 01:36
10.One Last Time 03:49
11.Exiled From Earth 04:44
LP 2 Zoetrope
1.Into The Pit (Fight Cover)
2.Diamond Dreamer (Picture Cover)
3.(Picture, no music)
1.Handshake With Hell
2.Deceiver, Deceiver
3.In The Eye Of The Storm
4.The Watcher
5.Poisoned Arrow
6.Sunset Over The Empire
7.House Of Mirrors
8.Spreading Black Wings
9.Mourning Star
10.One Last Time
11.Exiled From Earth
12.Into The Pit (Fight Cover)
13.Diamond Dreamer (Picture Cover)